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This deviation was deleted

The art is amazing. You really have advanced on drawing actual ponies, instead of just drawing anthro. I can sorta see the picture, but I know that you put alot of blood on them to show that they are like, 'killers' or something. (I haven't read Rainbow Factory yet, but I can sorta tell that it's about Rainbow Dash being the killer.) I like how you put her r63 version with her, too! But you do need to fix some things like the backlegs. They look a bit misplaced. But for you, it might be hard to know where to put them. I also love the way their manes are messy. Makes them look like they're crazy or something. And I love the pose you made with them. Looks like they're about to tackle or something!

This picture does have some problems/mistakes, but it is still amazing. Keep up the good work, Nicki!
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